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Hi, I'm

I am a passionate, recovering, perfectionist who believes in the power of understanding your emotions. Living rather than existing, and finding confidence in the work you do and the balance you have with the rest of your life.

What I Learnt From...

Being An International Athlete:

Here I learnt what discipline was. The power of the mind. I learnt about physicial and mental limits, setbacks, achievements. Working both individually and as part of a team.

Growing Up

As an army brat, I learnt early on what friendship meant. What it's like to leave people behind and what it feels like to find a true friend. Home is not always a place.

Becoming a Mother:

Having suffered from hyperemisis and miscarridges, I learnt what true sacrifice meant. Becoming a mother has taught me more about myself than anything else in my life.

Learning a new language

I am an active, outdoorsy, people person - languages are not my thing! Living in another country and not being able to read a room, taught me a lot about what I rely on.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

It was through swimming against the current that I learnt the meaning of purpose and fulfilment. Knowing you're in the right place at the right time is a beautiful feeling.

Being Married:

Oh, I am still learning! Being married so far, I have learnt the true definition of team work. Only in this sport, there's a lot more at stake and so much more to gain.

People I have worked with before

Here are just a few testimonials from the most recent clients.

"I learnt more in the first four weeks with Penny than I did in 4 years with a psychological therapist."

Lise Maria - Norway

"I don't know how she did it but Penny changed my entire mindset about my thoughts. I learnt so much so quickly working with her"

Amanda - UK

"Penny has helped me in so many areas, including my limiting beliefs, my personal goals and hald me accountable in an amazingly empowering way"

Marina - Norway

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy."

Grace -Norway

"I never thought I would feel as strong and confident in my own body and mind as I do now, and I have you to thank for it"

Alexandra - The Netherlands

"Penny is an amazing listener. She ask the right questions and gives excellent advice. She gives no judgment and never lets you feel bad for your thoughts and feelings. She is always available and is just a phone call away"

Anna - USA

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